Coconut fat powder

Coconut fat powder is a natural product, which can be used in an ice cream production and also in confectionery production.

Acid whey powder

Acid whey powder is obtained from curd whey coming from curd production, Mozzarella and Cottage chesses after foregoing pre-concentration on NF installation, concentration, crystallization and spray drying. Acid whey powder is used mainly in bakery and confectionery industries and as a component in a feed industry.

Whey-Fat formula OLMIL S 50

Whey-fat formula Olmil S 50 is a powder obtained from drying whey concentrate with vegetable oil. Owing to its specific properties Olmil S 50 has many usages in bakery and sweets industries and in the production of edible concentrates and dry blends.

Whey powder - instant

Whey powder instant is made from whey, which is thickened, crystallised and spray dried using the instant co drying process, therefore, the powder is readily soluble in water. Whey powder instant is a product of excellent solubility, particularly recommended for the production of confectionery, bakery products, sweets, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream, culinary products and food concentrates.

Skim milk powder - instant

Instant skim milk powder is made from fresh milk which has been pasteurized, evaporated and then dried using an instant spray process which allows the milk powder to be easily reconstituted with water. Instant skim milk powder is a long-life product with perfect solubility which is widely used in recipes for soups, pie fillings and sauces, the production of chocolates, ice-cream, cakes, bread and edible concentrates.

Demineralised whey powder

Demineralised whey powder is obtained by drying fresh whey (derived during the manufacture of cheese), which has been exposed to a partial demineralisation process. Demineralised whey powder is the best substitute for the milk powder

Whey powder

Whey powder is obtained from rennet whey after condensing, crystalising and spray drying of the product. Whey powder is used in the production of cakes, bread, sweets, yoghurt, ice-cream, processed cheeses, beverages, and many other products.

Skim milk powder

Skim milk powder is a natural product obtained from almost complete evaporation of water from fresh milk. Skim milk powder is a long-life product widely used in the production of chocolates, ice-cream, cakes, bread and edible concentrates.

Cheese powder

Cheese powder is obtained through drying rennet cheese with whey and emulsifying salt additives. Cheese powder contains min. 80% of cheese. It can be used for production dinner concentrates, delicatessen manufactures, bread, etc.

Full milk powder

Full milk powder is a natural product obtained from blending specially selected natural milk ingredients with vegetable oil. Most of the protein contained in full milk powder is constituted by whey proteins, which has enabled the achievement of exceptional pro-health and functional properties.