Whey powder instant is made from whey, which is thickened, crystallised and spray dried using the instant co drying process, therefore, the powder is readily soluble in water. Whey powder instant is a product of excellent solubility, particularly recommended for the production of confectionery, bakery products, sweets, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream, culinary products and food concentrates.

Physical properties:

Appearance white, light creamy, uniform powder
Flavour and odour distinctive odour, pure, slightly salty, free of extraneous odours and spices
Impurities - by ADPI model max. B
Energy value of 100g 1448 kJ; 341 kcal

Chemical properties:

Moisture, % max. 4,0
Proteins, % min. 11,0
Ash, % max. 9,5
Lactose, % min. 72,0
Fat, % max. 2,0
Solubility ml max. 0,5
Bulk density g/100ml 50,0 - 60,0
Wetability sec. 3 - 5
Particle size: from 12 mesh max. 5%
to 200 mesh 1%

Microbiological properties:

Total microorganism count  max. 20.000/g
Escherichia coli group bacteria < 10/g
Listeria monocytogenes none/25g
Salmonella none /25g
Coagulase positive staphylococci count < 10/g

Granulation provided in the specification is guaranteed in the big bag-type packages. Negligible grain destruction is possible in 25 kg bags.

The product must be stored at less than 25 C temperature, lower than 75% humidity.

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.