Instant skim milk powder is made from fresh milk which has been pasteurized, evaporated and then dried using an instant spray process which allows the milk powder to be easily reconstituted with water. Instant skim milk powder is a long-life product with perfect solubility which is widely used in recipes for soups, pie fillings and sauces, the production of chocolates, ice-cream, cakes, bread and edible concentrates.

Physical properties:

Colour white, light creamy, uniform
Flavour and smell  typical of pasteurised milk
Contamination according to ADPI max. B
Energy value in 100 g 1482 kJ; 349 kcal


Chemical properties:

Titratable acidity % ( ADPI) max. 0,15
Moisture, % max. 4,0
Protein, % min. 34,0
Ash, % max. 8,3
Lactose, % min. 50,0
Fat, % max. 1,25
Solubility index ml max. 0,5
Bulk density g/100ml 40 - 50
Wetability sec
7 - 8
Particle size:

on 12 mesh max 5%

through 200 mesh 1%

Microbiological properties:

Total plant count  max. 10.000/g
Coliforms < 10/g
Listeria monocytogenes absent/25g
Salmonella absent/25g
Coagulase-positive staphylococci < 10/g


Granulation mentioned in specification we guarantee in 1 000 kg BB. There can be little destruction during packaging in 25 kg bags.


The product should be stored in a temperature of <25 C and humidity of <75%.
Term of validity - 24 months from production date.